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Pictures by the Yard

Air Support Picture Gallery - Personalities
Ceremonial Occasions  

ES13 Inspector Abberline 


ES10 Sir Melville MacNaghten



MP101 Donald Swanson



Famous Crimes


Personalities Heads of Murder Squad

(Dates sometimes approximate and affected by changes in rank)

Police Stations   
Public Disorder

MP102 Arthur Hare 1903-6


MP103 Frank Froest 1906-12


MP104 John McCarthy 1912-18

River Police
Scotland Yard  

MP105 Fredk. Thomas 1916-21

MP106 Wm Brown 1924-6

MP107 John Ashley 1924-9

Senior Officers

MP108 Geo. Nichollas 1926-32


MP109 Percy Savage 1928-34


MP110 John Horwell 1932-4

Victorian scenes



MP111 Arthur Askew 1934-8


MP112 Alexander Bell 1938-40


MP113 Percy Worth 1938-45

Women Police
Criminal Investigation  

MP114 Thomas Thompson 1940-7


MP115 William Chapman 1946-1949


MP116 Harold Hawkyard 1947-1952

Evans-Skinner Crime Archive    

MP117 Alex Findlay 1955-8


MP118 Wm Rudkin 1949-52


MP119 Joseph Kennedy 1959-1963


MP120 George Hatherill 1954-64


MP121 Albert Griffin 1957-64


MP122 John Du Rose 1969-70


MP123 J Mannings 1966-7


MP124 F Gerrard 1967-9


MP125 R Chitty 1969-70


MP126 W Virgo 1970-2


MP127 R Huntley 1972-4


MP128 J Morrison 1974-6


MP129 R Davis 1976


MP130 R Habershon 1975-7


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