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The Evans - Skinner Crime Archive

Stewart Evans and Keith Skinner have spent many years researching famous crimes, and have accumulated a comprehensive archive of many hundreds of crime images which must be regarded as the foremost one-stop shop capable of ready provision of images related to famous crimes and Victorian street scenes.    The Archive is certainly the most comprehensive source for images relating to Jack the Ripper

We are in the process of putting details of these images on line, and because of the way in which the images are archived this will take us some months.   There will always be additional images which we have not been able to illustrate on this website.

To see a list of the crimes on which we have details and images, click here.

If you have a request for images on a particular case, please contact us

ES10 Melville MacNaghten

ES 11  Petticoat Lane

Another victim of the Whitechapel Murders is found.

ES14 August Sangret

(The Wigwam Murder)

MP77 The Clerkenwell Explosion 1867

MP79 - Groves, a supposed Fenian at Bow Street court 1867



ES15 - Buck Ruxton



Identification Parade as illustrated by The Graphic 1877

ES13 Inspector Abberline


MP76 - Detective Inspector Godley


The famous 'Dear Boss' letter


MP78 Commissioner Sir Charles Warren tests bloodhounds

ES12 _ Wentworth Street

MP75 - Southwark poisoner George Chapman @ Severin Klosowski

Wanted Poster for Dr Crippen

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