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Rank Structure

The officer in charge of each Police Force is the Chief Constable, but in the Metropolitan Police and the City of London Police,  the rank is Commissioner.   The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is recognised as the most senior operational police officer in Britain.

In the Metropolitan Police, the Commissioner is assisted by a Deputy Commissioner, 4 Assistant Commissioners, Deputy Assistant Commissioners and Commanders.   These officers are members of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

Other Forces are staffed by a Deputy Chief Constable and Assistant Chief Constables.

Below ACPO level, the structure is as follows:

Chief Superintendent


Chief Inspector  




Police Cadet


                          Key to Insignia (left to right)

Cadet  Constable  Sergeant  Inspector


Chief Inspector  Superintendent               Chief Superintendent                     Commander / Assistant Chief Constable


Deputy Chief Constable                         Senior Deputy Chief Constable                 Chief Constable                             Commissioner



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