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 Behind the Blue Lamp

Scotland Yard's Police Stations 1829 - 2020


 Alan Moss, David Swinden and Peter Kennison 

This book, published in 2021, is a re-designed and updated amalgamation of the three books in the Behind the Blue Lamp series and is now published by Mango Books

Every Metropolitan Police station has an entry and a picture, including many that have long since been closed or demolished.   The way that the Basic Command Units of the Met are organised is described, along with some aspects of Met police history, London boroughs and their police stations, and chapters on Thames Division, Royal Dockyards, uniform badges and equipment, police ranks, women police and a history of Police Divisions 1829 - 2019.

As Dame Cressida Dick states in her Foreword, the book not only contains the complete history of how the police stations came to be built and replaced, it also contains many personal stories of individual officers who served and lived ' behind the blue lamp'.



King Street police station, before its replacement by Cannon Row

The novelty of a motor car accident at Kingston Hill in 1903

Kensington Church Court

Bromley police station 1862 Erith station yard in WW1 The V Division despatch van


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