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The Flying Squad

The Flying Squad is one of the elite branches at Scotland Yard who have gained a reputation over the years for courage and determination in combatting the most violent of London's armed robbers and other criminals.   Formed in 1919-20 as "the mobile patrol experiment" they had the advantage, from the outset, of forming a highly mobile unit who could operate anywhere in the London area, regardless of local Divisional boundaries.

The first vehicles were the best available, converted Crossley tenders, with experimental radio masts:


Progressively their cars and equipment improved.

For a tough, funny, fast-paced memoir of life in the Flying Squad (nicknamed The Sweeney), read Dick Kirby's book The Real Sweeney, the no-holds-barred real-life account of a London police detective, published by Robinson, London in 2005 (ISBN no 1-84119-911-7) in paperback at 7.99.   This can be obtained from good bookshops or through

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